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AR Billing Services

    AR ARservices: 

     -Revenue Cycle Management

     -Early Out Self Pay Recovery

     -Call Center


    AR ARadvantages: 

     -Improved Cash Flow

     -Reduce Expenses

     -Financial Assistance

     -Call Management


     -SSL Encryption

     -HIPAA & PCI Compliant

     -SSAE 16 Type II Audited

     -Hacker Guardian

Advantages of using AR Billing Services:



Improve Your Cash Flow, Reduce AR Days
Recover more and recover it quicker that you could ever manage before. The outgoing calls we are able to generate make a difference in your Cash Flow and AR Aging.

Reduce Expenses
AR Billing Services assumes much of the cost associated with early out self-pay recovery; materials, postage, processing fees, phone calls, staffing, security, etc. becomes our responsibility. You are able to redirect your FTE to more pressing matters.

Online Client & Patient Access
Clients can view and update patient account information, view reports, enter accounts and add notes.

Patients can view and update account information, they may also submit a secure online payment or propose an arrangement! 

Professional Staffing
We hire quality, caring call center representatives. We do not outsource any of our call center traffic; all calls are answered locally at our Powell, Ohio location.

Financial Assistance Program
AR Billing Services utilizes a Presumptive Charity Scoring algorithm on all accounts in our database, identifying accounts that may have financial assistance eligibility. This is provided as a free service and is designed to help you better comply with 501(r) regulations requiring you to go above and beyond to reach out to households who may need assistance. We can assist your patients with their application process, again, in compliance with your facilities polices and procdures.

HIPAA & PCI Compliant
AR Billing Services follows all guidelines set by HIPAA, ensuring the integrity of your patient’s personal health information.

SSAE 16 Type II Audited
AR Billing Services’ work standards, controls, and procedures have been audited by an independent Certified Public Accounting firm using auditing standards instituted by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants. AR Billing Services has successfully implemented protocols to ensure the confidentiality of our business, our clients and their consumers.

Payment Processing & Remit Lock Box
All postal payments may be directed to your lockbox or ours, depending on your project requirements. Cash remitted to AR Billing Services is kept in a secure escro acccount.  Patients can submit a credit card payment through our IVR system in a PCI compliant manner. 



Professional Reception Service
Limited human resources? Becoming increasingly difficult to keep the phone line covered? Direct entire departments to our Call Center and we can act as your first contact attendant. Patients and Guarantors in our database will be immediately serviced and all other calls will be managed according to your guidelines or directed to departments/individuals you designate.

Retiring Legacy Systems
Didn’t you stop using that software last year? Yes, but you’re still getting calls! Let us help you manage the retirement of your legacy systems and departments. Fees are volume-based; as your call volume drops, so too does your bill until you can finally declare that old system RETIRED.


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