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AR Billing Services

    AR ARservices: 

     -Revenue Cycle Management

     -Early Out Self Pay Recovery

     -Call Center


    AR ARadvantages: 

     -Improved Cash Flow

     -Reduce Expenses

     -Financial Assistance

     -Call Management


     -SSL Encryption

     -HIPAA & PCI Compliant

     -SSAE 16 Type II Audited

     -Hacker Guardian

Frequently Asked Questions:


Who is AR Billing Services?
AR Billing Services is a wholly-owned department of Accelerated Revenue, Inc. (ARI) incorporated in November, 1999. ARI began as a debt-collection agency with a focus on medical receivables, but we also managed retail, returned checks, and leasing contracts. ARI ceased all debt collection activity and became exclusively an Early-out Accounts Receivable Management company effective January 1, 2015. We are not a collection agency. We do not credit report. We do not litigate. We make customer-service oriented outgoing calls and handle all of your patient’s incoming financial inquires. We can even become your front-line call center, directing patient financial questions to our AR Call Center and directing all other calls to your designated areas.

What is the role of AR Billing Services?
We are a call center business management solution provider, specializing in the recovery of non-default, medical self-pay receivables. We are here to help you resolve the self-pay consumer balance due to your facility. Our intent is to provide you quality, effective, professional account resolution while maintaining a caring and respectful reputation with your consumers and community. We also offer additional layers of call center management for our clients, according to specific needs.

What steps will AR Billing Services take to notify the consumer of the balance due?
AR Billing Services will send consumer-friendly, transparent, billing statements and attempt phone contacts to consumers with outstanding balances.

Our first statement is account specific and will contain all HCAP guidelines and 501(r) language according to your specifications. Supplemental statements continue to give your consumer every option to pay, and encourages them to call our representatives with any questions they may have. Outgoing phone calls are initiated around Day 45 to further encourage account resolution.

How long does AR Billing Services manage unresolved consumer accounts?
In general, three statements are sent (or more depending on client agreement) to the consumer within the first 75-90 days. Once a predetermined time expires, normally 120-150 days, the account defaults to a "TIME-OUT" disposition in our system. You will be notified of the account time-out either electronically or via another selected reporting method.

How does AR Billing Services help the consumer resolve their balance due?
Our staff is not only educated in consumer billing, but are trained credit professionals. We understand the various options available for payment. Our first effort is always to recover the balance due in full, but our staff is trained to negotiate short & long-term payment arrangements where required - based on the consumers' needs and client-specific guidelines. Weekly, monthly, and client specific payment arrangements are available. Consumers can also set-up automatic deductions if they chose. Finally, consumers have both online and phone IVR payment options – unattended for the consumer that just wants to make a payment 24/7, 365 days a year.

Where do consumers send their payment?
In most cases, payment is still directed to your own lockbox. Optionally, payments may be directed to AR Billing Services. Credit card processing, to meet compliance requirements, is through AR Billing Services’ secure network.

How does AR Billing Services handle long-term consumer payment arrangements?
When a payment arrangement is established, the account is set to a contract status and a payment reminder letter is mailed to the consumer approximately two weeks prior to the requested due date. This letter serves as a friendly reminder and updates the consumer with the current balance of their account(s) along with remittance advice.

How will AR Billing Services notify our billing office of long-term consumer payment contracts?
With interfacing to your database, notes and other common demographics changes can be updated to your system. Prior to network access, the client will be notified with an account advisement sheet.

How will our billing office notify AR Billing Services of consumer requests for contracts?
Electronic interface, phone, fax or email notification, whichever would best meet your needs.

What else can AR Billing Services help me with?
Struggling to keep that department phone line answered during business hours? Wtih ARattendant we can offer a complete, first contact, call center solutions. Limited hours for your receptionist? Do not have a receptionist? Your receptionist also bills Medicare? We can help! Direct your department line(s) to our Call Center and a specialized group handles accounts within our inventory while all other calls are managed according to your guidelines. This tool can provide Receptionist service where resources are limited and is an excellent option to manage the retirement of legacy systems.

Help! I have a question! Who do I call?
A liaison will be assigned to your facility to handle virtually any question you may have - if they do not have an immediate answer, they will find it for you.

Have any other questions?
Please contact our sales department at 1.877.492.9201.

Not medical?
No problem; learn more by contacting our sales department toll free at 1.877.492.9201.


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