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AR Billing Services

    AR ARservices: 

     -Revenue Cycle Management

     -Early Out Self Pay Recovery

     -Call Center


    AR ARadvantages: 

     -Improved Cash Flow

     -Reduce Expenses

     -Financial Assistance

     -Call Management


     -SSL Encryption

     -HIPAA & PCI Compliant

     -SSAE 16 Type II Audited

     -Hacker Guardian



How do I know if this website and our patient's personal health information (PHI) is secure?
AR Billing Services is properly bonded and is compliant with all Federal and State Laws. FCRA, FDCPA, and HIPAA strictly are adhered to. As an SOC-SSAE 16 Type II audited agency, AR Billing Services’ work standards, controls, and procedures have been audited by an independent Certified Public Accounting firm using auditing standards instituted by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants. AR Billing Services has successfully implemented protocols to ensure the confidentiality of our business, our clients and their consumers.

Upper management is involved with day-to-day operations and is able to provide personnel with an understanding of how activities relate to the work of others and the means of reporting exceptions to a higher level within AR Billing Services.

Transaction processing performed on web-based applications is secured through the use of the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption protocol over HTTPS connections. This includes the use of the website file upload page. Traffic directed to HTTP connections for this are redirected to HTTPS connections.

This website, client portal and online payment service(s) are protected by a Comodo Extended Validation Secure Socket Layer (EV-SSL) with up to 256-bit encryption with server grated cryptography (SGC). More about Comodo's SSL certificates; Click Here for informational video. See below for additional SSL security information and our Hacker-Guardian protection.

Cisco intrusion prevention systems (IPS) are utilized to prevent unauthorized intrusion into the production environment. The IPS system provides alerts of attempts at unauthorized intrusion into the production environment. The IPS subscription for the firewall system is kept current.

Firewall systems are in place to screen data flow between external parties and the AR Billing Services’ network. Firewalls are comprised of commercial software products that utilize stateful packet inspection technologies. All inbound and outbound data packets on all interfaces are intercepted and inspected. Packets that are not explicitly permitted by the security policy definition are rejected.

In order to remain compliant with the PCI DSS, AR Billing Services must have a compliant scan every 90 days of our online payment site(s), and a passing Self Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ).

Additional Securities

  • Dedicated and Secured FTP site - SSL/FTP
  • A unique login ID with user defined access parameters to each employee
  • All areas are monitored by security cameras
  • Regular Anti-virus updates are run on all systems
  • All visitors are registered and then escorted to the floor
  • Floppy drives, CD drives & USB ports are disabled on all systems on the floor
  • Data storage devices are not authorized on company grounds, including any cell/mobile devices (authorized use only)
  • Restricted access to sensitive areas with keypad locked office doors
  • Regular HIPAA training is provided to all employees
  • Paperless enviornment for PHI is strickly enforced
  • Site-to-site secure VPN (Virtual PrivateNetwork):

EV SSL & Online Security
We understand that you're concerned about the security and privacy of your online transactions. This is why we use Comodo to ensure that your valuable data, such as credit card details, are encrypted when you interact with our site.

"How do you secure my payment information?"

We employ state-of-the-art data encryption to ensure safe and secure transactions to our site.

Your computer and ours agree to transpose whatever we are sending into an unintelligible "hash" of characters, using a technology called SSL. For example:

3048 0241 00C9 18FA CF8D EB2D EFD5 FD37 89B99
E069 EA97 FC20 5E35 F577 EE31 C4FB C6E4 4811 37
7D86 BC8F BAFA 362F 922B F01B 2F40 C744 265482
C0DD 2881 D673 CA2B 4003 C266 E2CD CB02 0301Z

Without the information on your computer or ours, no one can understand our encrypted communication. For your safety, please expect anyone who communicates confidential information with you on the Internet to use encryption, the way we do.

This site, and all online biling sites are tested daily using Comodo's HackerProof Vulnerability Scanning Service. The service performs an extensive range of tests for major known vulnerabilities on the website. This trusted site seal is only presented after this website has passed the Comodo vulnerability test.

Comodo's HackerProof Vulnerability Scanning Service is frequently updated to ensure up to date vulnerability tests against the latest security threats. See our trusted seal at the bottom right of the screen.

What is SSL?  
Secure Sockets Layer, SSL,
is the security technology for encrypting a link between a web server and a browser. All data passed between our web server and your browser remains private and secure.

Whenever you communicate with us on our payment pages, a small green and or yellow padlock appears in  your browser as a sign that we are now engaging SSL, padlock location will vary with different browsers. You may also notice when entering the secure area of the site, the background of the address bar turns green or yellow. You'll also notice that http:// is replaced by https:// (The "s" stands for 'Secure connection').

How do I know you are a real organization?
To generate an encrypted SSL transmission, a web server requires an SSL Certificate. Checking a website's certificate is good practice that helps you avoid spoof websites, sometimes called "phishing" sites. To check the certificate, click on the padlock. Your browser will show you the name of the owner of the certificate. This name should match the name of the website operator.

Our SSL certificates are issued by a leading certificate authority, Comodo CA. Comodo is Web Trust-compliant, meaning that their business practices and processes have been rigorously audited according to AICPA (American Institute of Certified Public Accountants) guidelines by an independent approved auditor (Ernst & Young).

Comodo High Assurance certificates enable a high level of encryption. They also confirm that a company is a legally accountable organization. To receive a High Assurance SSL Certificate from Comodo, we had to demonstrate to them that we are an existing business, along with our control over the domain you are visiting. When you shop online, you deserve to know who you are interacting with.

A website with a High Assurance SSL Certificate, confirms two essential factors:
      -That you have a secure SSL (encrypted) link with this website
      -That this website represents a real organization

To find out more about SSL or Comodo, please visit Instant SSL.


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